Department holds 4-day outreach in Garissa

Doctors attend to patients during the outreach at Garissa County Referral Hospital.

Students and staff from the Department of Ophthalmology held a successful 4-day outreach in Garissa.

The outreach which was held from 11th to 14th November, 2019 saw more than 120 surgeries conducted on patients.

The surgeries were conducted by both resident and visiting doctors.

On arrival at Garissa County Referral Hospital on the first day, 2 groups were formed, one headed to the eye clinic to review the day’s outpatients while group 2 headed to theatre to set up the instruments for the following day’s procedures.

At this point the 2 consultant ophthalmologists already at the hospital Dr. Kipsang and Dr. Amal had already completed about 55 of the approximately 160 patients booked for surgery during the outreach.

On the second day Dr. Kimani and Dr. Khan attended to the postoperative patients in the morning before joining the remainder of the doctors who had already began the surgeries in theatre.

Approximately 12 SICSs were performed by university of Nairobi (UoN) representatives on day 2. Minimal complications. By the end of day 2, approximately 120 surgeries had been performed.

On day three, Dr. Mukiri, Dr. Fane and Dr. Shukri proceeded to clinic for the postoperative before heading to theatre. About 8 procedures were done by UoN staff on this day, 5 SICS, 2 ocular surface lesion excisions and one chalazion drainage.

On the fourth and last day, the entire team proceeded to the clinic for the postoperative. The overall postoperative ocular status for the attended patients was good with no patients requiring repeat surgery on that day. The team embarked on its journey back to Nairobi.

Overall the outreach was a success with a lot of positive feedback from hospital staff as well as patients.

Participating Consultants: 

  • Dr. Kimani
  • Dr. Mukiri

Participating Registrars:

  • Dr. Shukri
  • Dr. Khan
  • Dr. Fane
  • Dr. Yusra
  • Dr. Wangeci