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Dr Uba Hemed recognised for passing her year II MMED exams with a distinction

Doctor Uba Hemed has been awarded a certificate of recognition for passing her Masters of Medicine (MMED) in Ophthalmology year II with a distinction. The certificate was issued by the Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology. In attendance was some members of academic staff and post graduate students.

Ophthalmology Clinical LogBook Goes Paperless!

We have totally embraced the digital world!

Our clinical logbook is now online and we are all very excited about it.


After a clinical interaction either in the clinic, theatre, wetlab, elective term, etc, the student submits the case discussed. The supervisor gets an e-mail alert and is able to review, score and comment on the same online. It is very easy and user friendly.


The feedback to the student is immediate via an e-mail alert.

Two Post-Graduate Students Visit Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany For a 2 Month Rotation

Doctor's Urther  Korir and Patel Jiten are currently at the  Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany for  a 2 month rotation.


The rotation was as follows


Week 1-2 Medical retina

Week 3 orthoptics 

Week 4 glaucoma

Week 5 Paediatrics 

Week 6 Genetics 


Other than that, they got the opportunity to visit Dr. Harald C. Gäckle in Laser Eye Center Neu-Ulm for two days.

Dr. Uba Hemed and Dr. Teresia Chege awarded

Dr Uba receives a certificate of commendation from the Chairman of Department, Dr. Gichuhi for scoring a distinction in Part 1 MMed exams.

On Friday 18th June 2021, two postgraduate students, Dr. Uba A. Hemed and Dr. Teresia W. Chege were awarded certificates of commendation for obtaining distinctions in the recently completed Part 1 MMed examinations. The two were congratulated by the Chairman, consultants and fellow students at the Ward 1C




Seven post-graduate students will graduate later this year with a Masters in Medicine Degree (Ophthalmology), after passing their final exams. Despite the disruptions and inconviniences caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the students still managed to successfully complete their studies and thesis for the February/March final exams. They are Dr Daniela Wangui (kenya), Dr KeswiilWe  Gaebolae (Swaziland), Dr Brenda W'Mosi (Kenya), Dr Kinyua Muthomi (Kenya), Dr Marion Kurgat (Kenya) and Dr Basha Abdirahman (Somalia).

Dr Stephen Gichuhi Takes Over As The Chairman, Department of ophthalmology

Dr Stephen Gichuhi has taken over from Prof Jefitha Karimurio as the Chairman, Department of Ophthalmogy. Prof Jefitha Karimurio has already served his two terms as the Chairman. Dr Gichuhi has been a senior lecturer at the department. He holds a PHD from the London School Of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. His interests are mainly in research and anterior segment diseases. Dr Gichuhi has what it takes to lead the department to the next level.


A successiful outreach was held between 25th and 27th November 2019 at Litein Mission Hospital. A total of 140 patients were treated as outpatient and a total of 33 eye surgeries were performed.  Most of the eye surgeries were for cataracts, which is the leading cause of blindness  in Kenya. The lecturers  were DR Nyenze Muindi and Dr Millicent Bore. The post-graduate students were Dr Shukri, Dr Khan, Dr Yusra, Dr Fane and Dr Wangechi.