Students Support

Disability Services

The Disability Service provides advice and support to people with disabilities, as well as specialist services.

Please visit their website disability support services website(  for more information on the Service.

Its mission is to:

  • give academically deserving disabled people access to a fair and equal educational and work experience
  • interact appropriately with students, staff, prospective students and visitors with disabilities
  • remove any physical, policy, information and attitude barriers that might prevent students and staff from fulfilling their potential.

Student Wellness Service

Health Service

A comprehensive outpatient health service is available at Kenyatta National Hospital and University of Nairobi Health Services department.  Both facilities are run by qualified medical practitioners able to tackle most medical conditions.. The services are dedicated to helping students remain healthy, and make the correct life choices while pursuing their academic goals. Students are encouraged to seek help and guidance as early as possible.

Counselling Service

Offering predominantly short-term counselling and psychotherapy, the service helps students deal with personal, emotional or psychological problems, to ensure they achieve their potential.