Mission, Vision, Core Values


An international centre of choice for training of high caliber health care professionals; for innovative research and provision of quality eye care in a safe environment.


To train high caliber professionals; conduct innovative relevant research; provide evidence based health care and contribute to health policy formulation in eye care

Core values

The department will define, promote and operate within a clear and consistent set of ethics, reflecting its core values of: excellence, integrity, inclusiveness, openness and justice.

Excellence:  The department will strive for professional excellence, at the highest standards, in training, research, service provision to all stakeholders and in all activities it undertakes.

Integrity: The department will uphold integrity in all its activities.

Inclusiveness:  The department will not discriminate against people of different classes, ethnic groups, gender, age, disability or minority groups in any of its activities.  It will pursue its goals and objectives applying principles of merit and a concern for all people.

Openness:  The department will transact the affairs of the institution in a transparent manner.

Justice: The department will always act with fairness and justice for all and   recognise the importance of access to our work by all sectors of society.