'Indications and outcomes of Ahmed glaucoma valve implants in Kenya
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Title; Indications and outcomes of Ahmed glaucoma valve implants in Kenya.

Justification; Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness worldwide. The visual impairment resulting from it affects the patients and the society at large. Only one study has been done in Kenya to look at the short term outcomes of AGV implants. This study therefore aims at looking at the indications, short and long term outcomes and complications associated with Ahmed glaucoma valve implants in Kenya. The information gathered will enable ophthalmologists provide early intervention to patients with refractory and complicated glaucoma.

Objective; This study will establish the indications, efficacy in IOP control, visual outcomes, complications and need for additional antiglaucoma medication and surgery of AGV implantation.

Design; the study design is a retrospective case series. Records / files of patients that have had AGVs implanted from 2006 will be analyzed.

Setting; the study will be conducted in all health institutions in Kenya that use AGV implants to control IOP in patients with glaucoma. These institutions include: KNH, Kikuyu eye hospital, Lions Sight First hospital, Tenwek Mission hospital, Mombasa Light House hospital, Agakhan university hospital. The study will be conducted from 4th April to 4th May. The sample size of this study will be 79 eyes.

Subjects; All adults and children who have had AGV implantation will be included in the study. Those with incomplete, lost records and less than 3 months follow up will be excluded.

Outcome measures; these will include, mean IOP, VA, use of antiglaucoma medication, surgical complications, need for additional surgery.

Data analysis; a structured questionnaire will be used to collect data. Since the data is to be collected for multiple visits, each questionnaire will be entered for each visit. The questionnaire will therefore be duplicated six times to capture each visit at day 1,month 1,month 3,month 6,year 1 and year 2.The information gathered from the primary outcome measures will be analyzed using  SPSS and presented in the form of tables, charts and graphs.

Ethical approval will be obtained from the KNH Ethics, Research and Standards Committee prior to commencing the study.


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